Prayer Partner Info

The Village Threads offers more than just clothing to foster families.  We offer the opportunity for your family to be prayed over by one of our prayer partners.

Prayer partners are foster/adoptive families that volunteer their time to specifically pray over your family.  They've been where you are and understand the challenges that come with being a foster parent.  They commit to praying for a period of 1 week from the time your order is fulfilled.

You'll receive an email postcard from the family that has been selected to pray over you.  The postcard will include the prayer partner's family picture, a passage of scripture, their foster/adoptive story, and a word of encouragement.

The prayer partner will not receive your email address.  They will be provided with your last name and the # of foster children currently placed in your home.

We hope you enjoy this extension of the clothing closet's ministry and that you are blessed by your prayer partner.